Tiptup, originally a character from Project Dream, is a turtle found in Bubblegloop Swamp in Banjo-Kazooie. He directs his own choir of singing turtles inside Tanktup's Shell and will reward Banjo with a Jiggy if he can complete Tiptup's Challenge. Although Tanktup's Shell can be re-entered at any time, Tiptup and his choir will disappear when Banjo leaves after completing the challenge.

In Banjo-Tooie, Tiptup makes another appearance, although his voice has become surprisingly higher, in Jolly Roger's Lagoon where he is on display as a tourist attraction in the Turtle View Cave. His choir is nowhere to be seen, but he is accompanied by a small pink egg which contains his unborn son - or so he hopes, as he apparently already has 19 daughters. Unfortunately, the egg is months late in hatching, and Tiptup cannot do anything himself to help it along, so it's up to Kazooie. Use the Split-Up Pads in the Town Center and have Kazooie hatch the egg. The baby turtle is able to free himself from the egg shell once it has cracked open, only to roll over on his back, requiring Kazooie to right him up by attacking in some form. Once all is said and done, Tiptup and his son, later dubbed Tiptup Jr., depart for the ocean, but not before leaving a Jiggy behind for Kazooie.

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