Gobi is a Camel. He made his first appearance in Banjo-Kazooie in his own world, Gobi's Valley. Near the matching mini-game, there is a flying carpet that'll take Banjo and Kazooie to a little island where Gobi needs your help by breaking the boulder that rests on his chain. You will retrieve a jiggy for that. Once saved, Gobi will run off to find some shade, you will find him again by Trunker the Tree, resting underneath his shade. Banjo and Kazooie must Beak Bust Gobi to give Trunker water. Annoyed, Gobi runs to an alcove near Jinxy where Banjo and Kazooie Beak Bust him again to retrieve an Empty Honeycomb. Gobi is angry and leaves the world. He makes another appearance in Click Clock Wood in the summertime and in the fall, "allowing" Banjo and Kazooie to water the huge plant by Bigbutt. After the fall watering, Gobi is fed up and leaves for the "lava world".

In Banjo-Tooie, he makes a few more appearances. One in Witchyworld, and the other in Hailfire Peaks. In Witchyworld, he rests in the Cave of Horrors, labeled as "Ancient Bearded Camel". Once freed by shooting a Grenade Egg at his cage, he runs to Hailfire Peaks, at the Fire Side's Train Station. His last store of water could then be used to cool down Chuffy's boiler, letting it go to the Ice Side.

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