270px-Gobis Valley entry
Banjo and Kazooie have went back in time to Ancient Egypt, where they explore old pyramids, and make some interesting new friends. Gobi's Valley is the 6th world in Banjo-Kazooie.

Points of Interest

  • King Sandybutt's Tomb
  • Rubee's Pyramid
  • Jinxy
  • Ancient Door

Moves Learned

  • Running Shoes


  • 1.) Grab the Jiggy from Grabba using the running shoes (or Beak Bomb).
  • 2.) There is a pyramid with a switch on top, press it then run inside and finish the matching game.
  • 3.) Get the sand tomb to flood, then shoot the eggs in the mini sphinx's mouths. Go inside the newly risen pyramid and race to the end.
  • 4.) Find Gobi and destroy the rock he is tied up to.
  • 5.) After the previous jiggy, go to the world entrance and Beak Bust Gobi.
  • 6.) Jump on a pair of cacti to spit eggs into Jinxy's nose. Then go inside and shoot eggs to raise the carpets and climb to the top.
  • 7.) Fly through all The Ancient One's rings.
  • 8.) Beak Bomb the Kazooie target, then go inside and lay eggs into the spinning basket. Climb up the snake to reach the jiggy.
  • 9.) Use the Running Shoes and stand on a switch, run inside and collect the jiggy. This will flood the sand tomb.
  • 10.) Collect all 5 jinjos.


  • Blue - Swim down into the sandpit when it floods.
  • Pink - Go to the pharaoh's tomb, and jump in a vase.
  • Green - Behind the pyramid with a honeycomb switch on it.
  • Orange - In Jinxy, raise the first magic carpet by spitting eggs into the Little Sphinx's mouth, then look behind you.
  • Yellow - Behind the starting point.

Extra Honeycombs

  • Inside a Cactus (taken in flight), after hitting the switch behind one of the pyramids.
  • In Gobi, in the third spot he appears.

Grunty Switch

  • Inside Sandybutt's maze. Opens a coffin near the giant pot. Use the Shock Spring Pad to reach the jiggy.


  • 5 on the first ramp.
  • 6 on Jinxy's front feet.
  • 7 inside Jinxy.
  • 8 near Kazooie's temple.
  • 2 near the Turbo Trainers, behind the Ziggurat.
  • 11 in the hot sands near Grabba.
  • 9 surrounding Sandybutt's maze.
  • 4 on the stairs leading to Sandybutt's maze.
  • 7 in Sandybutt's maze.
  • 6 in the water surrounding a pyramid.
  • 4 on the stairs near the memory match pyramid.
  • 6 on or near the memory match pyramid.
  • 4 in the memory match pyramid.
  • 4 on the Ziggurat.
  • 4 inside the Ziggurat.
  • 5 on the alcove accessed by flight or the magic carpet (Gobi's second hiding location).
  • 8 in the sand left of the Sphinx.

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