As they continue their journey to save Tooty, Banjo and Kazooie finally finish the swampy wetlands and come across a snowy-christmas world, but everyone calls it Freezeezy Peak, ruled by Snowmen, Polar Bears, and Walruses. Freezeezy Peak is the 5th world in Banjo-Kazooie.

Points of Interest

  • The Giant Snowman
  • The Village
  • Wozza's Cave
  • Boggy's Igloo
  • Christmas Tree
  • Ice Key's Cave

Moves Learned

  • Beak Bomb (Located by the stacked presents)


  • 1.) Beat Boggy's sled race as the Walrus
  • 2.) Beat Boggy's sled race as Banjo
  • 3.) Help the Twinklies get to their tree
  • 4.) Talk to Wozza as a Walrus
  • 5.) Beak Bomb the Sir Slush's hats
  • 6.) Beak Bomb the Giant Snowman's buttons
  • 7.) Find all 3 presents and give them to Boggy's kids
  • 8.) Sled into Boggy
  • 9.) Inside the Giant Snowman's pipe
  • 10.) Find all 5 jinjos


  • Blue: On top of the Giant Snowman's broom
  • Pink: On top of the stacked presents near Bottles
  • Green: Behind the house that has a fly pad on it's chimney
  • Orange: Inside Wozza's cave in a small alcove
  • Yellow: Inside Mumbo's Skull on the shelves

Extra Honeycombs

  • Under the Sir Slush on the island between the village and the entrance
  • Inside a room in Wozza's cave accessed by a narrow passage in the icy pool

Grunty Switch

  • Underneath the Sir Slush between the huge snowman and the Stacked Presents. To uncover it, you must use the Beak Bomb while trying to aim at the red "X" on his top hat and dodge snowballs

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