Banjo and Kazooie escape the beautiful beaches of Treasure Trove Cove and are forced to enter the sewage pipes of Clanker's Cavern. In this world, Banjo and Kazooie meet and become friends with a friendly garbage disposal shark named Clanker and they even come across a boss fight with the Snippet Mutants. Banjo and Kazooie struggle to finish this world and with the help of Clanker, they think it's possible. Clanker's Cavern is the 3rd world in Banjo-Kazooie.

Points of Interest

  • Inside Clanker
  • Chain Raising Area
  • Entrance Area
  • Rotating Razor Room

Moves Learned

  • Wonderwing (Located in the Rotating Razor Room)


  • 1.) Raise Clanker: Swim all the way down to the Chain Raising Area, swim through the key 3 times, and swim to the top to obtain your jiggy which will be located on Clanker's back
  • 2.) Defeat the Mutie-Snippets: Defeat the Mutie-Snippets
  • 3.) Find all 5 jinjos: Find all 5 jinjos
  • 4.) Wonderwing through the fans: Learn the move: Wonderwing , then use it to go through the rotating fans and obtain your jiggy at the end
  • 5.) Across the narrow path: Stand on the bolt that shoots out from Clanker's blow-hole and once it reaches to the top, walk across the narrow path and get your jiggy
  • 6.) Inside Clanker's mouth: Stand on the ledges on both sides of Clanker's mouth and shoot 3 eggs into the gold teeth. The jiggy will be inside Clanker's mouth
  • 7.) In one of the pipes: Swim through a pipe thats in the wall and you should find your jiggy at the end
  • 8.) Swim through the rings: When your inside Clanker's belly, complete the "Ring Challenge" mini-game within the time limit and you will get your jiggy
  • '9.) 'Climb Clanker's tail: Climb up on the tip of Clanker's tail and jump across onto the edge and go get your jiggy that will be located right across from you, behind a grate
  • 10.) In Clanker's blow-hole: Wait until the bolt shoots up, then jump into the blow-hole. You'll land in a room with a few spiky blades, dodge these (Best way: learn Wonderwing) and grab the jiggy at the end


  • Blue: Inside a green-ish pipe on the wall to Clanker's right
  • Pink: Inside Clanker's left gill. Swim down into the trench. Make sure you dodge the Whiplash
  • Green: On the floor, around the anvil in the Chain Raising Area
  • Orange: Use Clanker's left flipper to climb the pipe. Destroy the grate at the top of the pipe
  • Yellow: Behind the beehive in the Entrance room

Extra Honeycombs

  • Climb the thin pipe using one of Clanker's flippers and jump over to the 2 larger pipes on the left. Destroy the grate covering the second one, and jump down
  • Underwater, in one pipe near Clanker's left flipper

Grunty Switch

  • Jump down into Clanker's blow-hole and Beak Bust the Grunty Switch

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