After helping Clanker, and finishing up Clanker's Cavern, our 2 superheros enter the swampland, also known as Bubblegloop Swamp. In this world, they meet Tankup, Tiptup & the Tiptup Choir, Mr.Vile, and the Croctus. Can Banjo and Kazooie finish this world? or will the Reptiles, Insects, and Amphibians show them who's boss?

Points of Interest

  • Inside Tanktup
  • The Huts
  • Inside the Giant Crocodile

Moves Learned

  • Wading Boots (Located behind the world entrance, look for the red Flibbit)


  • 1.) Defeat Mr.Vile: Enter the Giant Crocodile as the Crocodile Transformation and play the mini-game: "Eat more Yumblies and Grumblies than Mr.Vile"
  • 2.) Break the Egg: Reach the big pink egg and hit all the "X's"
  • 3.) Find all 5 jinjos: Find all 5 jinjos
  • 4.) Cross the thin path within the time limit: Stomp on the jiggy switch closest to Mumbo's Skull and cross the thin path within the time limit
  • 5.) Stomp on Tanktup's feet: Stomp on all of Tanktup's feet (This accesses the entrance to the Tiptup Choir)
  • 6.) Remember Tiptup's song: Play the Tiptup Choir memory game
  • 7.) Defeat the Yellow Flibbits: Defeat the Yellow Flibbits
  • 8.) Feed Croctus: Feed all the Croctus by shooting blue eggs into their mouths
  • 9.) Get the jiggy within the time limit: Stomp on the jiggy switch closest to the entrance and get the jiggy within the time limit
  • 10.) Stomp the huts: Stomp all the huts


  • Blue: Climb up a pole in the corner, near the Giant Crocodile
  • Pink: As a crocodile, go under the trees that the huts were on
  • Green: Go up the ramp where you have to collect the jiggy within the time limit and look in the caves
  • Orange: Behind Tanktup. Use the wading boots
  • Yellow: On a platform beside the bridge in the entrance area

Extra Honeycombs

  • Above the podium for the Tiptup Choir
  • In the centre of Mumbo's Hut, near the ceiling

Grunty Switch

  • When you smash the huts and shock jump, look to the right when you get to the top

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